Dear Colleagues,

working in private practice for aesthetic medicine in Paris (France), I noticed an increasing demand away from exogenous substances like Hyaluronic Acid or Botolinum Toxin for skin rejuvenations to more natural products and also clinical outcomes. I have always been very interested in new advances in the field of regenerative medicine, especially with autologous materials. Platelet Rich Plasma is being used since almost 20 years in dental medicine and is also playing a prominent role in orthopedics and sports medicine, where the procedure is widely used among professional athletes to accelerate the natural healing proccess after injuries.

I have started to use Platelet Rich Plasma for aesthetic procedures in the year 2005. After seeing good results I am not offering any more treatments using exogenous substances. Working with PRP has changed my approach to anti ageing entirely. In my opinion an anti ageing treatment should be holistic treatment programm that results in significant improvements and preserves the patients natural appereance. I treat patients with PRP to accelerate wound healing, also after aesthetic procedures like a laser resurfacing, skin rejuvenation as well as alopecia. In my training course, I will share my personal before and after pictures as well as my protocole recommendations with you.

Dr. Alain Gondinet