The Training

In addition to speaking at international medical conferences, I would like to share my expertise in using platelet rich plasma for aesthetic indications, to a wider audience in offering webbinars on a regular basis. A webbinar is an innovative new medium to host meetings and trainings cost effectively. You will be following my presentation and videos on your computer and will also be connected to me and the other participants through a telephone conference. The training will therefore be interactive, I encourage to ask questions in between my talk.

You can participate this conference at two set dates per month. Taking the time difference into account, one session will commence at noon, the other at 7pm (both Central European Time) or watch a recorded training at your convenice, any time. You´ll find the exact dates in the application section, hosted by our partner Cisco WebEx.

Programme outline

Scientific background (60 minutes)
Clinical applications (30 minutes)


Live interactive training US $ 139
Pre-recorded training US $ 79